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I'm beginning to appreciate where I grew up and live much more. I've always wanted to travel, to "experience the world" and gain that special knowledge reserved for those fortunate and blessed enough to go where they please. But financial and occupational situations always led me to stay in the bay area, where I've always been. But now somehow God has shown me why I've stayed. Is it just me, or are there more homeless people begging on the streets with their children than there were when I was growing up? I see people in nice cars just pass them by. I can't stand it! I give what little I have for the poor lil' guys. Maybe I did not see them before. Goodness, I feel bad for judging people... but man, how can we justify dropping $40k on a car? I could do that now that I have a six figure salary, but who knew that all this wealth I worked for, once obtained, would cause me such pain. What do I do? I am so torn between what I see Christians doing and what I read in scriptures.
Calicoder Calicoder 22-25, M 2 Answers Jan 29, 2014 in Travel

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One may think it is God that is changing you but it really isn't. It is you. And Only you. God does not interfere with the thoughts of people, Even the people who choose to end there own lives, It is there choice alone that brings about an end to it or not. Not God's choice or God's Will. It isn't for God does not control our lives and how we live them, We do. That is why he gave us FREE WILL.

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No, only you can change you. You are either changing or excepting yourself as you are.

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