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Dream-I was in my old school. As I was walking someone gave me a red rose. Another person gave me lots of coins in a plate-like can. Then another person gave me 200 pesos. I was shocked and said "WOW". By then, I knew someone was going to propose to me. I sat on the chair where there was so many many people watching us. I was expecting someone to propose to me but I forgot whom I was expecting. But I was wrong, there was a diff guy. He sat infront of me but he was far away and I couldn't see his face clearly. I asked to the person beside me who was proposing and she said "Christopher". "Ah" I said. I thought he was my handsome childhood classmate but I'm not sure if it was really him. I didn't like him much in reality. Then they handed me a telephone. He spoke. But I said "Did I already said yes to your proposal?""It's Ok, whatever it is you're still in my heart." "Tch, no" then everyone went "WOAH". He was shocked. I put down the phone, smiled and waved at him and said "Bye". Help?
Thistleee Thistleee 13-15 5 Answers Dec 5, 2012 in Dreams

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Usually Dreams that involve the surrounding of a school environment usually means that you're going through a learning phaze. In other words, you're learning a lesson or need to learn a lesson.

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You know EP has a dream diary section

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