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no, but you may get a rash

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There is one way to find out if this is fact -- run an experiment.

Gather approximately 600 participants for this experiment.

1) Each day, ask each participant to reach into one's dresser drawer (while blindfolded) and retrieve one pair of underwear, and to put it on -- without watching to see whether it is inverted or not --

2) Have a roommate or significant other annotate whether the subject's underwear is inverted or not -- and make sure this second person for each participant does not inform the participant whether the underwear is inverted.

3) Have each participant place outerwear over one's underwear, and continue living his/her day for the next 24 hours while NOT KNOWING whether one's underwear is inside-out (inverted) or not.

4) Track for one year the states of underwear of each of the 600 participants, and simultaneously track those days which each participant receives a gift.

5) At the end of 365 days, the total number of daily "experiences" shall be recorded as to whether the underwear was inverted-or-not ... AND whether a gift was received-or-not. 600 people times 365 days = 219,000 observations.

Analysis: The closer the number of gifts received approaches 1/2 of 219,000 events, the closer the hypothesis (that inverting underwear leads to receiving gifts) is due to PURE CHANCE.

As the number of gifts given decreases downward from 1/2 of 219,000 gifts, the closer the hypothesis is NOT true at all and is unrelated to whether underwear is inverted leads to gifts.

If the total number of gifts received is much greater than 1/2 of 219,000, then the hypothesis points more and more that this is a fact.

* * * * * *

My armchair insight suggests the collective number of gifts received by these 600 participants is far, FAR less than 1/2 of 219,000 gifts. In other words, there approaches ZERO correlation between inverting one's underwear and receiving a gift.

In the words of the stars of the television show "Mythbusters": BUSTED!!!!!



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i'm going to have to test that theory out

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I usually just get yelled at and called incompetent by my wife.

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Superstition as I do so a lot but recieve no gifts.

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No but you might get strange looks if you put your trousers on first

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No it just means you need to pay attention. Lol.

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I'll make sure to convey this message to my kid.

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