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At 70 sexual love may be all I have time for

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Just because you're 70 does not mean you're desperate, so no. And if you do happen to fall in love why shouldn't it be sexual if both parties are willing and able? I find your question a bit immature.

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For me its interesting people that I find attractive & they come in all shapes, sizes & ages :)

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Hm, nah. I'm almost dead anyway.

Ooops, didn't mean to sound so rude! Sorry to any users who are 7O, long live you.

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I would ... it does call love after all.

love has no really meaning.. and only you two would feel it and sense it.

but to be able to be with that person or not is another thing.

However, not to be able to live close to that person.. doesn't mean you wouldn't have the mind that bound or being warmed by each other, right?

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