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so,,,,, ?? seems u missed the part about EP being all about Q & A,, aye ??

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*stops putting icing sugar in his hair*

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Yes, precisely.

But attitude is not sweet enough like selfless love

to all people. Rich and powerful people also need

love, guidance, forgiveness.

Giving alms is necessary, but it maintains the world

status-quo. For radical change of this world, all human

beings need selfless love given through water of life,

divine education, breath of the Holy Spirit.

Luckily, this divine banquet is served abundantly

and without ceremony on the Internet.

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Put some addons towards the end of your otherwise plain an assertion ,,, like one given underneath to make it appear to be a query. You would get replies !

Q:- Do you agree? Justify with illustration/s.

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What kind of question is this. If you want to talk about sweetness and the sources of it, make a story, find a topic, put it as your status.. Not in a Q & A section.

Common sense.

FYI sweetness comes from nice people. Helping others and the poor are just examples of being nice/sweet, there are billions of things we can all do to be sweet.

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thanks for letting everyone know "the words of wisdom"

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I love ninja Hattori so much

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Very true.

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