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This Obama-Basher goes on to say:."Putin made it clear, a long time ago, that sanctions are no deterrent. The fact that Obama persists at threatening sanctions, nonetheless, shows that Obama is too weak to do anything more."....WHAT A FREAK!!.........I fully agree with one of the answers he got.."I love how we focus on the US sanctions when the entire G7 (Group of Nations) is sanctioning Russia...Russia has invaded another country's sovereignty...Ukraine doesn't WANT Russia there; and Russia's actions have caused riots, destruction and deaths....Plus, no one knows what Putin will do nest making him a very dangerous man."...Another EPer answered : "What would you have the US do instead?..Put boots on the ground to escalate the tensions? Use drones to assassinate? This is an issue between Russia and Ukraine; we're not the room monitor.".....What does this GOP freak want Obama to do, start World War lll?
goodogstay goodogstay 46-50, M 2 Answers May 2, 2014 in Politics

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These cretins who are always for war need to either enlist or buy a one way plane ticket and go help whoever they feel needs assistance. I'm sure the locals will be happy to supply them with a weapon.

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You know how these guys are. No matter what Obama does, they'll vilify him for it. I guarantee that if Obama sent American troops to intervene, the tea baggers would find something to criticize about it. They're completely driven by their hatred for Obama and will oppose anything he does or any position he takes, even if it is something they previously advocated.

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