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how do you make a guy thats 13 like a girl thats 13. she's a different character at school and at home she can be weird, annoying, she swears a lot at school not a home. This boy she likes is going out with someone else she was good friends with him at one stage and then she thought because he wasn't replying she thought they were in a fight and the boy also did. they are like strangers to each other now. Any advice how to go out with any guys or this guy in particular thanks :)
julia1907 julia1907 13-15, F 4 Answers Apr 30, 2014 in Dating & Relationships

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how would u act in front of a guy though. because in my days it was different.

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Id wait a few years to see how he turns out. If i had went after this girl I liked back in high school I would have gotten into a real mess.

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Can't make anyone like anyone.

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