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blah blah blah blah blah ... bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh

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Positive - a$$, b00bs, legs, hair, creative, lethal combination eh?

Negative - too giving, over-imaginative, emotional, accident prone, treat my cat like a person

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I dont think any of your negatives are negative! I think theyre all good.

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That's hard. I'll have to ponder that for awhile.

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Thanks a bunch!

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not sure which is "+" or "-" so decide for yourself

i hate boy bands (and Justin Bieber... which i guess means i hate cults too.)

i have incurable OCD

that is me double parking in front of your flat

sugar is a food group (my only food group)

being lazy is an art form i pursue with vigor

moaning when i eat

don't leave the lights on!

i hang up without saying goodbye

you can find me by following the crumbs

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1-I do not function well in society 2-/+ I rationalize my way out of most emotions 3-I find lack of cleanliness and order to be a cause of anxiety to the point I where I can hardly think 4-/+ I am very picky about my food(consistency, flavor, smell; on the other hand, I know exactly what I like and I cook very well) 5-I still smoke cigarettes 1+I am exceedingly intelligent 2+I am very efficient 3+/-I am spiritual, not religious(i often find that religion is a barrier, while spirituality can relate to any religion; flip side is that not everyone can see that) 4+I am accepting 5+/-I enjoy abstract activities and thinking(most people just don't understand; flip side is that I understand, and no one can ever take that away)

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Neg: emotional, needy, high maintenance, academicly lazy and extremely independent at times. Pos: compassionate, caring, loyal, forgiving, sweet.

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1.i have a nack for being a smartazz

2.i read a lot.

3.i say whats on my mind.

thats all for good

bad: bipolar a sad person

3. i smoke weed. not afraid to do crazy sh!t

5.i see life as a grey darck place. not good at math. an idiot an azzhole

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I could name negative about myself all night's the positives I have a hard time with,I am over critical of myself sometimes

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nice things not so nice things

kind Beeitch

generous selfish

humorous too serious

intelligent can be airhead

treats all equally wants to be first

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