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Farts can really stink bad, esp. the 'silent' ones

Eggplant has to be the most disgusting vegetable on this good earth!

men with cleft chins are HOT

people who clear their throats all the time are way too annoying!

people who tell you about their religion never seem to have the time to hear about yours!!!

as a state, Ohio SUCKS big time!!

so does our governor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

drinking too much water will deprive your body of the water-soluble vitamins; the B complex and vitamin C

If you move to another city and ask what the people there are like, the wise person will ask you what were the people like where you used to live?....and THAT"S just how the people in the new town will be!!

.......traveling salesman gets lost in the country and goes to the farmer's house.....'do you have phone".......farmer says, 'no' you know how to get to the nearest big city?....'no'......'doh't know much, do you.....'.well, says the farmer, 'at least I ain't lost'........

........children can be a pain in the *** sometimes.

Queen Elizabeth's taste in clothes is AWFUL..........

Michelle Obama does not dress for her figure type, ever, it seems!!

The first color TV came out in 1954.....I was wouldn't believe the excitement!!!!......even bigger than when the iPod was introduced!!!!!!!!!!!COLOR in your living room!!!...and Johnny Carson, it turns out, had blue eyes.......who'd a thunk it???

and now I shall close before someone calls the men in white jackets........haha.....

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thanks :)

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well i wass born along time ago, way back in the woods, i lived in a tree for two years and peed on every one that passed by, they shot me with a tranquilizing gun and i eveintialy fell out of the tree

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I just saved a bunch of money by switching to Geico.

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Nice. You just mad Warren Buffet richer :)

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Oh god. Have a year?

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But first, I'd better go to the bathroom.

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Please :)

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Wow. . . Are you bored or what!

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Nah! Just tired of the whole val-day questions :)

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I hear that bro!

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