You can also describe some examples for each! Thank you!
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best-trustworthy,loyal,caring . worst- short- tempered, lazy, easily irritated

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My three best:

-When I look at someone, they become my entire world. I would go to any lengths to make them happy. I believe this could be seen as a good quality.

-I can write.

-I'm surprising in my strength. I look terribly small and fragile, but if someone crosses one of my friends, I can be unbelievably strong...and loud. My friends refer to it as me 'going hulk'.

My three worst qualities:

-I care too much and too quickly. This scares many people away. I also tend to stare at the people I care about.

-I'm not loyal to many things. You can never bet on me taking any particular side. I've been known to turn on my beautiful, trusting friends if the rival side is more preferable to me.

-my first instinct (in reality) to any situation is to lie.

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Extraordinarily Loyal





Sometimes distant


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Ok, I answer myself too-

I am loyal, I am strong, I am kind

But I am also lazy, I am impatient and sometimes I am bit mean

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I'm smart, versatile, and loyal and I don't really have bad qualities.

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thanks for answering... but ok, if you cannot name three, say at least one not so good characteristic

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I can be jealous at times when in relationships with women who are overly friendly with other men

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ok, thats good one, thank you:) have a great weekend!

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