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hi guys ! so i was just wondering if anyone knew of some sort of "product" i can use in my hair for highlights i wanted to go to the salon and do it for december but at the school i go to they get really angry when you change your hair colour ect does anyone know of somthing similair to highlights i can use in my hair that wears out or i can remove before school in january ? and i really dont fancy the thought of having to dye my hair black again before going to school because then i would lose my natural colour which is not black nor brown ? but imbetween ?
lilliverpoolsangel1011 lilliverpoolsangel1011 13-15, F 3 Answers Nov 28, 2012 in Hobbies

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You could chalk your hair. There are loads of videos on youtube on this.You can have a different colour everyday. But the process dried your hair so if you do go ahead with it make sure you moisturise your hair more than usual.

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Hair mascara

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If your hair is as dark as the pic...then have you considered a gold mascara or other type of colour that would add subtle highlights, yet wash out as make up would?<br />
<br />
Also, there are the spray in the uk shops like Clares Accessories sell could try masking the hair you dont want to highlight and spraying small streaks....

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