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They had a "Test Vote" today on the tax cut bill. Why not a REAL one? More importantly, whether you are for or against them, WHY don't the Democrats pass a lame duck bill while they HAVE the votes in both The Senate and The House AND The President that DEFYS the Republicans? What kind of sham is this anyway????? Tax cuts for the wealthy - a PRIME reason I voted for that White Man in The White house was to get RID of them, liar!
freeed freeed 66-70, M 2 Answers Dec 13, 2010

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Ain't it sad. And I do not mean this in any funny way. It's the same everywhere. Not only in The States. You guys know the best ways to conceal it,give you that. Well, follow the leaks I should say.<br />
<br />
Promise: we'll get there!!<br />
<br />

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What these bums get away with astounds me.

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