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Dyoniza Dyoniza 26-30, F 1 Answer Sep 16, 2013 in Movies & TV

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Seems like FEMA is expecting a high death toll for whatever disaster is coming to PR. Too bad I didn't understand most of what was said. What do you think it's for, hurricanes or what?

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No the reporters are trying to find out but the FEMA secretary here in PR are not open to give interviews they are in an apparent meeting

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Interesting that they don't want to be open for discussion when they are bringing them here. Maybe expecting a bad year for hurricanes or something.

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actually i read this morning that this hurricane season was very unusual, they expected it to be very active but instead it have being very calm. Its very scary

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so maybe they are expecting a tsunami, but on an island as small as Puerto RIco wouldn't it wash away the bodies and those Tupperware coffins too?

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