Did you think something like this: "Gosh, we sure have been here for a while."
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It was probaly a school trip so I would of been wanting to go outside and eat something :-P

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I'm sure I didn't care as I was likely a baby.

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lol yes, especially because the mass was in Latin and I was 4 - I had no idea what the priest was saying and all the writings were in Latin too. I loved my dress though!

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I was incredulous that all of those grown-ups actually believed that garbage,and I couldn't WAIT to get out of there.

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no I thought 'I hope this finishes before 4 as Planet of the Apes is on TV', it was 1976

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no..........i thought...........What no free coffee??

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I don't go to church.

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no i just sat there and thought of nothing.14

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Not the first time, no. Later though, I'd wonder about the time, start getting fidgety, and then I'd start reading whatever was available to calm down.

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ooooh, WorldsEnemy

i just enjoyed the colours, the music, the architecture

..... was kinda confused by the guy that climbed up into a box and then talked about things that i had no comprehension of (later discovered he was a priest in a pulpit)

but then, i was only eight years old

.................well, that's the first time that i can remember

oh yes

.... and my older cousin told me off for something

........... no idea what.


i am not a christian,

...............................never have been

but still enjoy the music, colours architecture.

as for the being here a long time

.......... don't get that in buildings less than 1000 years old.


the temples in luxor


ancient temples of southeast asia (especially chandi borobuddhur in java)

when i touch those stones


............... we sure have been here for a while ;-))

respect, from robbie

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