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i love this person so i want to respect her feelings, but sometimes i dont get her, i understood that she is not interested in me, so i was ok, but it hurts so much, so i tried avoided her when i meet her, but when i did, she says hi to me and sometimes goodbye, i talked to her if i made her uncomfortable, she said yes, we settled it, but i can tell she doesnt approach me like she use to, i love her but i dont know what she wants....its either i avoid her, or she allows me to be close to her..
roi360 roi360 18-21, M 7 Answers Jan 7, 2011

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If she's not interested... move on. Don't become the obsessive type.... it doesn't pay off over time, trust me.

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She shouldn't allow you to be close to her, she's toxic to you. There's a girl in my town that 's like that over me I stay away from her. When I've been sick over women they usually stayed away from me to out of courtesy. The best thing I've found is try to find a similar girl to her your just fixated on this one girl right now because she's triggered something like a computer program in you but a similar girl might work to , I'd give it a try.

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Do you have any rope ?. Or wire ?

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