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He just left for boot camp Jan 19th and has suffered from depression i the past. I want him to get through this and I know he can, if he can believe in himself.
nonamealy nonamealy 18-21, F 2 Answers Feb 5, 2010

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just keep telling him to look on the bright side of things and stay positive. you have to let him know you are proud of him and happy for him, if he knows you support him and your doing well it will surely brighten his spirits. I hope this helps!

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PICTURES PICTURES PICTURES. Lots of smiles and lots of letters, be his cheerleader and remind him he's only got 7 weeks of training before it's all over :) Tell him things are nicer in "A" school (They can take naps!) Be as supportive and loving towards him as possible and always. Tell him you believe in him and you know he can do it. Send him a card. I had my whole family sign a really funny card and sent it to him and show him that we were all standing behind him and cheering him on. Mail really raises morale.

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