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TS006 TS006 26-30, F 4 Answers Feb 4, 2013 in Community

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My fiance gets very paranoid & jealous. He accused me of being with guys when I was at an all girls Bible grp so stated he was tired of my 'loose pus**' & that he thinks of other people to get off. We have a great sex life, he is just an a** & always says what he thinks will cut the deepest. Also has thrown my history of child sexual abuse in my face & stated he would be happy if I die. I've also been told I deserve to be raped and thrown in a ditch on the side of the road. YES THE COMMENTS FROM THE MAN I ONCE THOUGHT WAS MEANT TO BE MY HUSBAND HURT. There are so many and they are so often that I become numb to it. I do worry how these comments will affect my future relationship(s) once I leave his sorry a**.

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That i was a psychopath.

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hmm not sure really, I pretty much heard everything, lol. But all the most wounding things in my life probably havent needed words, sometimes the things people say without saying anything hurts even more. In my own experience.

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