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The Nerd slyly opened his Internet connection, and instantly googled 'wall socket grey lead machines', and within milli-seconds the answer came back – electrical power. POWER, thought The Nerd, almost out loud, the thought screaming through his head, almost loud enough to wake Brainard at the monitors where he had fall into a light doze! I could use THAT, thought The Nerd! I could use that to make my bubblebutt thighs and make them work! POWER! POWER! Brainard stirred, so The Nerd shut down his Internet connection quickly – they outside must never know that he, undisputed king of this capsule, now knew about POWER! In the machinations of the Universe, with all its intricate highways and byways – of course other people were also thinking about power, only a different kind of power. Brainard slept on – The Nerd watched, and waited!
KRUDmediaBooks KRUDmediaBooks 22-25, M Apr 23, 2014 in Community

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