Seems that famous "non-rotting" MacDonald's hamburger isn't unique. Someone actually did the research and NO cooked hamburgers showed rotting after two weeks. I suspect it might have something to do the meat being cooked to destroy bacteria in it, and under controlled conditions flies and such aren't given access to the meat to lay eggs and cause rotting. Plus, I've seen the photo of the "non-rotting" Big Mac and noticed that all the uncooked "un-sterilized" (my choice of word, couldn't think of a better) ingredients, such a lettuce, which would quickly wilt and rot had been removed. Seems like a propaganda set-up to me. LOL
ChipmunkErnie ChipmunkErnie 61-65, M 4 Answers Nov 6, 2010

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Yuck, now I don't want to eat a hamburger from anywhere.

Haha, no, but the idea of it never going bad is kind of icky, too. It seems fake

and overprocessed.

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LOL You want to eat food that rots easily even after it's cooked?

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I've witnessed this first hand. They really do stay preserved. For years. Though, that being said, I wouldn't recommend eating it.

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I am sure it was real, does it stop ppl from eating it tho? Yeah I agree about that happening with other hamburgers too. Things don't rot forever if they are sealed up ie canned food. Not like it does that in your body tho obviously.

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