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perseverer perseverer 51-55, F 7 Answers Nov 27, 2012 in Struggles

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My parents actually didn't argue the way most couples do - with both parties insulting and yelling at each other. My father would get mad and say disagreeable things to my mom. She would just silently bare all of it and she did not retaliate with nasty words or harsh comments. She just let him rage and later on, when he felt better, he would usually apologize to her. She was very forgiving, but eventually, all of the emotional abuse (from him, my sister and some from me), got to her and she began to get very depressed. I tried to curb my temper more as time went on, but my sister and dad were very angry with her quite a bit. After she fell and became very ill, all of us, including my dad, were always very kind and sweet to her. In a way, her illness brought the family back together because before that, everything was falling apart into a total emotional mess. (But money issues and lack of communication was the root of a lot of their problems, so if I got married, I would want to make sure that didn't happen.)

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Drugs. My father has choked my mother and threatened to shoot her in front of me before. I wouldn't want that.

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independence and the knowledge of sexx and how to recognize the danger

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