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The Professor began to sense something wrong – something terribly wrong, so he tried reason. “My Creation – my Super-Nerd - we have helped you to become great – now – will you help us to resolve all of the world's problems with that enormous brain and that lovely big strong body you now possess?” The Nerdifornicator grumbled from deep inside: “I Am Your Leader! I Show No Mercy!” Professor Von Brauneye was becoming frightened now – this was too much – and this new Nerdifornicator was too big to stop! He held up his hands, imploring: “Stop – we have such great work to do together! STOP! Do not betray us – ve are both Deutschesvolk – we can rule the world together”. The Nerdifornicator responded by contemptuously smiting The Professor out of the way – he fell into a still and lifeless heap against the monitocabinet, expiring with a sigh:- “But I vas neffer a Nazi!!”. The Nerdifornicator advanced on Lovelichops – only Brainard in the way now! Soon the thigh strangling
trollhunter4 trollhunter4 22-25, M Apr 14, 2014 in Military

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