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The tickling never stops it just keeps on going and going. No matter how much you whimper cry beg laugh it just goes on and on. Yes my fingers are cruel and very skilled. I am a very ticklish guy and i only know this because I was once tickled mercilessly by three girls. I have to say they were quite evil and cruel. Since then i have discovered that tickling is actually good fun (despite what some may say) Come on you love it really. lots of laughter and helpless begging mwhaaaaa Do you love it enough to enter my tickle dungeon. I am an expert tickler where i will test your levels of ticklishness to the maximum limit and even beyond. There is no mercy its pure torture and it last for hours days weeks months even years lol. You may not make it out of my tickle torture prison. Willing females aged 20-40 must be tickled and tickled and tickled. I will tickle your feet (small feet are the best as they seem to be more ticklish) ribs tummy and armpits. Remember the word MERCY doe
VERYTICKLISHGUY VERYTICKLISHGUY 36-40, M 4 Answers Dec 28, 2012 in Dating & Relationships

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I would knock the sh!t out of you. I hate tickling. Try craiglist, buddy.

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you would not be able to knock the **** out of me. all my tickle victims are tied down mwaaaah

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