They don't like when we cuss like a sailor.
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1/ Their ability to spend money

2/ Their ability to spend MY money

3/ Their continual search for more clothes

4/ Their inability to fill up the car with fuel with THEIR money

5/ Their inability to wash or hoover the car but moan about a few bread crumbs on the work tops.

6/ Their infatuation with what position the toilet seat is in

7/ Their inability to see how funny farting in bed is

8/ Their obsession with purchasing handbags and shoes

9/ Their requirement for compliments but no ability to give any

10/ Their inability to indulge in sex for any more than 4 hours every night.

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If you reach 10 things that you hate about women, does that mean you're gay?

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1 . Women like monkey

2. Women are salty

3. Women smell like Jesus..

4. Women use the phrase, "Get me a goat or I'll crack your nuts" a lot.

5. Women like Santy claus..

6. Women scrub rats for 6 hours..

7. Women like digging for naked mole rats..

8. Women keep dung beetles as pets.

9. Women burp the alphabet..

10. Send me a post card from Albuquerque..

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overanalyzing things

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They seem to hate ball busters

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By all accounts they want and think of se x as much as men yet they are far more coy about saying they want it.....

they good guys never win with them

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Bigger boobs :P

Dominant ones

Shopping expenses

Hormone holidays every month







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Brat! =P

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haha :P

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