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The two researchers had also attached waste disposal tubes to The Nerd – to take away all the unwanted rubbish from his body and brain and keep him healthy and hopefully allow him into full life some day – soon! “Well, Brainard”, said the professor, “Looks like another day! No movement or excessive brain activity from our Nerd yet?”. “No, Professor”, replied Brainard, “Just the usual low-level activity – mostly on that Internet connection. Guess we'd better pack it in for another day”. Off went the lights, plunging The Nerd into darkness, except for the small night light that he could just make out through his single, fuzzy monocular seeing device – the one that the researchers had overlooked. Deep within his mind, a thought grew, and grew! He would show them all! He would emerge, chrysalis-like, from his capsule, and conquer the world, using the enormous bubblebutt woman-strangling thighs that he dreamed of owning! If only they knew! Then he'd show them all!
KRUDmediaBooks KRUDmediaBooks 22-25, M Apr 23, 2014 in Community

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