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do you need other people to praise and examine you to feel and be worth living? No. you could do something wonderful and nice but small and unrecorded that could change many things, like the butterfly effect

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I disagree. The examined life is relatively a new phenomena in society.

Recent past generations were too busy making a living to bother with self-examination. Modern society is very caught up in psychology. To me, an unexamined life is a life too busy to stop and think of every decision and its result. In other words, WE THINK TOO MUCH!

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it was socrates who said "the unexamined life is not worth living," during his trial when the greek authorities told him to either swallow his pride and renounce everything he ever stood for (honesty, integrity, skeptical inquiry) or die by his own hand... he took the hemlock and so would I, if given that dictum... here's a poem i wrote about it:

"I Always defy, the suits and ties who run our lives,

send us to the pig sty,

on failure to comply, sh*t

when told to keep quiet, I ask why, as I spark riots,

I ain’t pious, but ignorance won’t be forgiven

cause the unexamined life ain’t worth living,

still you drink in the lies, greed and money driven

till your conscience dies,

burned in a frying pan of your pain and regret,

insecure… so you took the meds, and did what they said,

But still you got bled

hook line and sinker swallowed the lines of the feds,

who point fingers, let yourself be led,

got stabbed in the back, and bribed into debt.

happened so fast…

made you forget that property’s theft, we spark mutinies

cause property is theft… from the community" - Strife of Thought Crime Collective


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Bah! Piffle. Any life can be worth living so long as the liver of that life thinks it's worth living. Sure, we can judge someone else's motives, but that's pretty useless and hurtful. We should just listen to each other's reasons, and not feel like they have have the same reason as we do.

So, for me, the examination of my own life and thinking is one of the things that keeps me going. I am my own experiment. I can watch myself and see if I can figure out why I do what I do. It's pretty tricky because there's more to me than my conscious thoughts. In fact, I think most people are like that, but most people think that the only thing going on is their thoughts, so they figure they know their thoughts and that's all they need to know. Questioning their thoughts is useless. In fact, worse than useless. It is self-defeating.

Nonsense! We are so much more than our conscious thoughts, and if we don't understand the rest of our brain, we are doomed to making the wrong responses so much more of the time. If you don't examine that, then you might as well be a machine, just responding to stimuli in Pavlovian fashion, yet thinking you are making choices. It's up to you, though. Like I said, every individual has their own reasons for living. But most probably have no clue what those reasons really are.

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Personally I think people should mind their own business.

My life is not up for examination by nosy parkers.

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Not necessarily. Maybe. I dunno.

An sad life is not worth living?. Just what kind of life is worth living?.

You give us all these questions Checkmate. What do you think?. Do you have any original ideas at all?. Or are you just gonna keep throwing quotes at us?.

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No. It isn't. But you can overanalyze. Just do what you do. And as for inhibited, I resemble that. I have my reasons.

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I don't agree... Sometimes the less you know the happier you are...

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