for there children, they live in true poverty,,,so why is it that Americans will send untold amounts of money to other country's to help them out but wouldn't give a dime to help out there own people? and when a disaster happens here in America who do you think is going to be coming to our aid?
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this happens in all countries not just the poor ones

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This is, unfortunately, true in many most countries and a question the citizens of these countries all ask. I am not very clued up on the intricacies of politics but am sure that it is about "Buying Face" with other countries and this all while hundreds of their own people do not even have the basics that some of us take for granted on a daily basis.

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S.E Kentucky is a part of this place.

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I have family there that are in terrible poverty.

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Where in america, that is an untruth, there is running water and electricity. If the person doesn't have them in AMERICA they can't AFFORD them, where did you hear this, of course there there is running water and electricity in ALL AMERICA, what??

No not in america, there is public assistance and many programs to help these people, there is no such thing as not having access in the to running water and electricity, people who live like that here, FORCE themselves into that. Their children should be taken away and I believe that is law. It is impossible for that to happen in the US..

mojave desert you say? hmm. why would they live like that in the us? Something to that....

uhm, they live in the desert, that is a good reason not to have plumbing,. why don't THEY move to civilization, when I looked up who lives in mojave desert, which is located next to "DEATH VALLEY"

lmao, I found that HERMITS live in caves in the mountains... LMAO

I said, they FORCE themselves to live this way, did I not!! lmao

Most people have those dwindling tribes and live in the forests, they all have the options. It would be interesting to hear more about this, some links would be nice.

this such an interesting topic to me, you say you had family that did without kentucky and stuff like that, I know there is plumbing and water there. Why did they not have? was the whole town like that? What was the educational level of the area, being honest. Was this "backwoods" type( no offense meant, its curiosity)... because USA has this, this is included everyone can and must be able to partake, You must have running water and toilets to keep your children in many states. I can't understand why they wouldn't have this and who would stop them from getting it on their own In the USA or deny hel[ping, open my eyes kid hehe, they are open in a state of shock. So, if people are living like this by choice, who is suppose to sweep down and take care of them? There are lots of places to go and if a person or a people decide to remain in those circumstances , what is the priority?

not for nothing, this is a kind of situation that can use some attention, they should have people going their like red cross and make these peoples aware that their is such a things as running water and Public assistance and send health insurance advocates , sort of like re-parenting and bring them up to civilization , that is 3rd worldish to me, I can't see that taking place in US, I haven't read about it, seen any documentaries of it and it has to be self forced, because that is just loss of contact with the outside world.Not in US.thats what people COME HERE For! get outta here!!

here's something of interest looking up clean water in USA I came upon some cnn links , that the PLANET is running out of clean water?? DID you know? INTERESTING...says something about California too :

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Kentucky,Massachusetts,Virginia are just a few...

I have family in Kentucky that live in a 2 bedroom shack with no running water when I was 12 and my sister was 9 we sent all of our Christmas presents so that there kids could have something and when my kids out grow there clothes I still box them up and send them home....ignorance is both a blessing and a curse,open your eyes kid.

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