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of me that has a difficult time being exploited, like I'm the center of attention wether it be good or bad, why do I feel both ways, should I side with one or the other? The latter causes me to have panic attacks, so I've decided to fear no man, but to fear God. And with that I can say shout if from the roof tops, what can man do to me? Even if they were to harm me, I would still care for them without fear, so why do I have these panic attacks if I didn't care, why do I have to be so fleshly. When all I need to do is do not fear! I'm just human, or is there a way to become more spiritual to overcome these foolish fears.
Jesusfoundme Jesusfoundme 31-35, F 2 Answers Jan 12, 2013 in Community

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Because u are human!!!

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I know but I want to exercise my spiritual muscles and over come these fears of being exploited and people seeing me for who I really am wether it be good or bad from within me, and I don't want to care if they will hang in there with me or leave me, yet I want to be sensitive to their needs as well.

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