How many of you thought of something dirty?
Greed2Avaricious Greed2Avaricious 18-21, M 1 Answer Nov 25, 2013 in Community

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...the creek,their feet in the water,thier hands on their-

marbles and playthings-

and in days of yore,there come a young maiden she looked like a ...

(I know all the words,that's an old one)

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Lol :D how old exactly?

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I'm not sure exactly,it could easily go back hundreds of years (our oral tradition is an often bawdy one)
I found it on an LP called'the earthy side'-Norman Luboff choir,1968-made in Canada,becasuse it was deemed too obscene to press in the USA.

"if you think this is dirty,you're ******* well right!"

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Ok cool thanks lol. I want to learn how to play it

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