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Not only do bad things happen in three's but look at this:



SANdy Hook

An Omen?

Hope SANta will be x-tra careful this year.

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SANdiemae! On my!

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Sorry. Things like that just get my attention. Is there something wrong with me?

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oops it's SAdie not SAndie

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Sandy Hook was a Tragedy. Now we need to take the necessary time to mend hearts and minds and pray for these people who suffered a Great Loss.

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The Mayan Calendar ends on Friday - this could be an omen! All three of these words/names have the word "sand" in them.

I'd start building my tower now to stay above the impending sandstorm. It will come from the sky, as foretold by recent pop cultural productions:

SKYrim, SKYward Sword, SKYrush, SKYfall

The sky will indeed fall after it has turned into sand.

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So they say, when 1 shoe drops always waiting for the other 2 myself.

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I do...I always say when I buy one mass card (for someone who's died) I'll buy three and it always works out that I have to.

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