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you have a link??

I'm interested in reading this...

But why am I surprised...people are too worried about an "islamic terrorist"

Instead of watching the terrorist in their own backyards pointing fingers at other "terrorists"

People are just so dumb...drinking the wine, having orgies and having no worries to the strings that are attached to them

Now dance, you puppet, dance

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Getting scary. :(

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"all watched over by machines of love and grace"

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Really...."wow".I dont have an opinion as I dont know anything about it.Who gets to use it....which countries?

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its ridiculous and shrinks in the wash....what would u expect me to think?

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A case of " Meet the New Boss - Same as the old boss” perchance?

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read this carefully--------you are so full of **** your eyes must be brown. the united nation does not control any monetary policy. this is beyond conspiracy theory its just plain stupid

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Won't work,

unless we...

Replace credit cards with debit.

Overdraft limit of 5% of weekly wage, duration limit 30 days.

Remove all tax from savings.

Banks must pay for their services out of profits from loans.

Loans legally restricted to items/projects which create or accrue capital value.

End compound interest.

Introduce hire-purchase as alternative to mortgages, and large items.

Introduce laws to ensure all corporations and companies have same culpability as individuals.

End the practise of roll-over loans.

End the delusion of of profit and economic growth produced by not living within our means.

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