please, in your own words.. seems that most people on EP are quite sooo intelligent these days ah.. thank you google! yes! im having a go at a 50yr old guy who thinks my rainbowQ and meteorologyQ are waste of his time. vexonic - are you on drugs?!.. your notion was actually BS, use of "thin" usually separates words/context with almost the same meaning as another.. and what's your point anyway.. 15 mins of attention?!
avibot avibot 31-35, M 6 Answers Mar 27, 2010

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i liked those questions. I was about to answer something about asstrology but thought it might be inappropriate and unappreciated, oh well :)

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yout questions about as simple as a rainbow could have many meanings, from science to philosophy.

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**** HIM! Some people are not worth your energy.

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