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Making bad choices in most cases. People aren't smart with their money, they don't actually do any parenting with their kids .. and marry the wrong people for the wrong reasons.

I think most of us bring problems on ourselves. We need to plan better and be smarter.

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Sadly, because no one knows what marriage vows are anymore. No one cares either! I just had to train a much younger college boy at work, and yes, he's good looking, but that means nothing. This guy hit on me so badly, even after I told him I'm married w kids. That seemed to light his fire even more... he's also dating someone!! Where are the morals? The things I want at my fingertips, are loving family members, abundant health, warmth...and my cell phone and my laptop of course.

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Well I have no problem with the marriage or the children, two out of three ain't bad :).

Somebody with a good marriage and children are far richer then someone with money anyway...

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monet the government takes ---- children grow up and start lives of their own---- marriages who knows could be 1 million reasons but usually its either sex or money

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