I always wondered if since we always turn items over to see where they are made, what do the Chinese do? well working in a gift shop, i finally go my answer. A group of tourists walked in and the first thing they did was turn the item over. and they were not looking for a price tag, because that was clearly marked. I was however told that the items made in china that were distributed there are not as high quality as the items they ship here. this was told to me by a woman who always purchased items from me and sent them to her relatives over there.
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Seen on a box:

"Product of the USA"

"Made with components from Mexico"

"Assembled in China"


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I know right. I just found it hilarous to see them do that and that's what made me think, do they do this in their own country. If so what does it say ? Made here? LOL
Or made in the US

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All of that was on the SAME box! That's what the WTF was about.

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