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I REALLY don't like generalizing an entire gender, it depends on what I hate/dislike about the person, not the gender. I can say things that I dislike about people that happen to be a man, but not the entire gender.

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Im a guy and know the main thing just being around my friends is " Communication skilllllllllls"!

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Nothing really .. I like men generally

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What I dislike most about men is how they only want things that they cant have. So in order to keep from getting a broken heart you have to deny them (and yourself) the thing you both want.

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They can't change us the way they want to change us.

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Ah jesus, things my girlfriend dislikes about me: How much I swear, that I don't listen or whatever, that I'm emotionally distant or whatever... Those are the top 3, lol

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Poor hygeine


insecurity covered with bravado

no depth

"its alll about meeee...i want...i need....i gimmmie...gimmmmie...gimmmie..."

tooo staid


full of themselves

weak in character


but these are qualities i find distaseful

in people

including myself...

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Insensitive is one i dislike to some Men!

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misconceptions about love and commitment and marriage.

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things i generally dislike ....about any gender..

> Indecisiveness..


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Smelly armpits.

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