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So this is again about my friend. I have made previous topics about us hanging out and me having a boyfriend. I made plans with my bf (these plans with him were made like a week ago) when she asked at the last minute to hang out. She didn't react to it too well. This time she kept pushing the subject and said so and so will be there and I lost my cool a little. But told her I was not trying to be mean. I asked her if she could ask me a week or so in advance to do things and said she won't and that if I am busy that she won't invite me. I did ask yesterday if she could, if she wanted to hang next week and said she couldn't. She has asked a few weeks in a row if we can hang. I'd say no because I'd already made plans with my bf or I was broke (I don't want my friends paying for my stuff. It's awkward to me). I do sympathize with her if she misses hanging with me, which she probably does.
Divaamychuff Divaamychuff 22-25, F 2 Answers May 17, 2012

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I don't think this is too dramatic.

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You should make sure you find time for your friends and for your own life. Getting too wrapped up in your bf isnt a good thing. You both have to have lives seperate from eachother as well

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