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What if the Israeli response is exactly what Hamas wants? In months, the rocket attacks only managed to kill 3 people in Israel, now, over 60 young Israeli men have been killed. Many innocent people have lost homes and businesses, making them prime targets for extremification, and a great swatch of the Western world is very displeased with Israel. Before, Hamas could do little, now they have done much.
Xuan Xuan 26-30, M 2 Answers Aug 26, 2014 in Politics

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Like too many people you're missing out years of history, and the involvement of the US with Israel. It is crazy to suggest Hamas wants the Palestinians to be wiped out by the Israelis, which is what is happening. That fewer Israelis have been killed displays the stronger position of Israel. Notice how none of the other Arab states are involved... They are US allies.

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Of course they don't want the Palestinians to be wiped out, but bleeding a little to rile up the people is can be quite effective. A thousand or so innocents die, hundreds lose homes and businesses, this goes beyond just those who are directly harmed, the entire community sees it. We think they should blame Hamas for inciting the whole thing, and there is logic in that. But with the right persuasion, they can also see Israel as the bad guy, the guy that actually released the bomb that destroyed their homes, and they can be convinced to fight Israel as well. If you're neighbors are shooting rockets at each other, and your house gets blown up between them, are not angry at both?

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