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He unified the country, provided jobs and opportunities for thousands of people, and gave the country hope for a return to glory after the farce that was its economy (following the Treaty of Versailles). His war machine was responsible for some of the greatest advances in technology and science the world has ever seen. He probably also lowered the rates of mental and physical disability in the country for quite some time after the war.

At the time Hitler took over the reigns of Germany, it was a war ravaged and heavily indebted country with the economy in absolute mess. He was instrumental in turning around his country and converting it into a world power of his times.

He was instrumental in putting in place most of the infrastructure in Germany, much of it in use till today:

0. he was the first to introduce animal rights/protection

1. he built the autobahn

2. he built the vw beetle.

3. he built the berlin olympic stadium

4. he invested heavily in german infrastructure

5. he made the 1st practical rockets and cruise missiles.

6. made the 1st jet plane.

7. Great Advances in trauma therapy were made.

Kind things:

8. cancelled 'operation sea lion', the expedition to England- as it would result in huge loss of civilian lives

9. Let the Battle hardened Allied troops(about 1million) escape Dunkirk on humanitarian considerations-could have crushed them all

10. The nuclear bomb technology was developed by German scientists in his regime(mostly same people migrated to USA and created the Bombs that USA used on Hiroshima & Nagasaki- AFTER the war was OVER!!!!!!)- but could not bring himself to use them on humanitarian considerations. (And he is blamed by American and English media of atrocities on humanity!!!!)

11. A great fall out of WW II brought about by him- England/Britain, France, etc had to cede/liberate most colonies in Asia, Africa, etal.

Thus bringing to an end the severe oppression and violation of human rights by the occupiers in these countries.

No doubt, great atrocities were brought upon the Jews in his regime. Weren't Jews persecuted in rest of Europe?

However, consider the atrocities in occupied territories(colonies) perpetrated by other Europeans - native Americans were looted & hunted down like animals; Aborigines and Maoris of Australia and New Zealand suffered similar fate. Asians, particularly Indians were subjected to the darkest forms of treachery, cruelity, atrocities, injustice.........etc; Africans were killed, enslaved and raped at random!! N-bombs dropped in Japan AFTER the war was OVER!!!! The atrocities, open murder and rape of people in Korea,Vietnam and now Iraq!!!!!

All this by the so-called defenders of humanity!!!!!!

And they say Hitler was bad!!!!!!

Let's not forget that 'HISTORY IS WRITTEN BY THE VICTOR'

Statements on the Internet on what the Nazis invented/ contributed to the modern world



computer, invented by Konrad Zuse 1941.

Jet plane in 1939 by Heinkel Flugzeugwerke.

The first manned rocket flight in 1945 (unfortunately it lasted only some seconds and pilot Lothar Sieber died)

Nazi doctors, in line with their campaign for public health were the first to write a major scientific paper linking smoking with lung cancer, I believe smoking was even banned, for a brief time in the Luftwaffee.

Nazis invented Nerve gasses Sarin and Tabun.

Invented first effective automatic rifle, single person anti-tank weapons (precursors to RPGs).

You can see some magnificant architecture by Speer that was planned in nearly any documentary on the man.


Stealth technolgy was invented by the Horten brothers during the Reich.

Audio technology using magnetic tape was a Third Reich invention. Copying German tape recorders was how the famous American corporation Ampex got its start. Magnetic tape was also essential later for the video tape recorder. Allies hadn't a clue how the Axis was transmitting speeches and programs hours apart to different locations and having them sound "live." It was top of the list of technologies to capture as the war concluded.

Management systems for keeping massive and complex development programs on track was another "invention" transferred to the US, along with its scientists and project managers. These systems allowed the Germans to have developments underway in numerous categories and perform them remarkably well.

The Wankel engine, which is now referred to as the "rotary engine" was invented during the Third Reich. Mazda uses this engine extensively

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Just a little ahead of his time ??

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Over estimated as a military leader. Made monumental mistakes in attacking Russia when he did. Also did not listen to his generals when requesting breakouts form Stalingrad and El Alamein. He cocked up tank deployment at D Day. he did not understand anything at all about WWII air capability and allowed an idiot - Goering to talk him to monstrous disasters in Crete and Russia. He is credited with reforming Germany's economy. He did not. Dr Schacht did that. Hitler simply ran a massive deficit to fund expansionism of public works. then used slave labour and annexed resources to bolster his own regime. His hatred of the Jews, his inferiority (he was a lousy painter), his hatred of the Army staff and German Aristocracy coupled with a psychotic personality and capacity for brilliant oratory lead to disaster and criminality on a huge scale. At the end he ordered the total destruction of Paris, his general disobeyed him, and wished for the total annihilation of Germany and the Germans. He believed they had betrayed him and therefore did not deserve to survive. He was a rather unpleasant chap and an all round bounder.

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If you take the trouble to read about him, and his book "Mein Kampf" ("My Struggle"), you will come to realise a bit more than the emotive stuff that flies around whenever his name is mentioned, because of what he ultimately precipitated us all into - a really nasty war.

However, it is revealed that he was both unusually sensitive to both people and had some inner sight; and was a logical thinker and abhorred those whom he saw were part of a system that set out to feather one's own nest at others' expense. And he resolved that if he got into power, he would put a stop to it.

I think he did a lot for Germany at a difficult time in her history; but I think things got a bit away from him eventually... Lieutenants often don't have the same quality and foresight as the leader, and I feel that they took over.

Anyway - its always a perilous preoccupation to sit in judgement on people - especially if the facts are not all known to you! Just assess, draw your own conclusions and order your life accordingly.

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I hated his little mustache!

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Why? You know what he did, right? Who gets a thrill on thinking about that?

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Hitler contracted Syphlis in WW1 and eventually it went to his head. Syphlis causes the deteriation of the mind so actually all of Germany listened and agreed with a Madman. Literally.

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An incredible innovator and orator but at the same time a greedy, sadistic psychopath and puppet for the elite.

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Very smart and very Dumb. Very inovative yet so niaeve.

So strong yet so weak. Such a waste in so many ways.

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How can one man have so much power? I'm thinking of the people who supported the Bastard. The people that supported him was just as bad.

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He was misunderstood.

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Probably the main reason that Germany lost WW2

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my opa was apart of the war,he was one of the germans to help the jewish people escape,i read that hitler came at a time when the country needed someone to look upto,and needed support,he gave them this,but as diong these awfull things behind their backs...he died knowng he wasnt winning

i know he was a terrible man but still!! killing himself in that bunker! he musta been so lonaly and scared...i just can stand even when a ruthless killer ends his life): what miht have happened if he just would put his mind on other things?? positive things...i bet he coulda been a great man..

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Did you kNOw that mussolini was spirit channel f*g spouse to Hitler for that, and that pig f*g Berlusconi is still into f*g coven trickery to try to spin a ww1 style conflict. // There are those conscious of spirit anarchy, I'm certain your here in EP // also the small pox disease was his revenge for the "Mussolini has no weeny, Hitler was a jerk" song. // It' s not that cellular phones are smarter than we are, they are less coerced.

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never knew the guy. heard he might have been a bit of a **** but did get the trains running on time.

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Insanity used in the wrong way. If he had used his mind towards something else, he could have been great. But his beliefs and his friends Beliefs and involvments brought him to such a crime that some won't even utter today. The same crime still goes on today. But brainwash and brainwarp is used at different extents. Adolf Hitler was just another phsyciopath contributing to history, As the years progressed suddenly, nothing was impossible for him. Nothing was out of range because what ever went on in that intriguing mind of his, obviously in some sort made sense to him. The Vel d'hiv, auschwitz, Sick, Putrid. I only hope that in his last moment he realized that.

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Classic textbook sociopath with an extreme small-man inferiority complex and only one nut. Probably would have been a CEO today.

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psychopath. i'm glad Germany survived & moved on. the holocaust was horrific and i wish it'd never happened. but the jews are resilient and strong, good people.

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