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3 of us are at work person 1 & I are talking and person 3 comes up and starts talking, nothing to do with what the conversation was.........and does this all the time. I want to say something, but she is an ***'t mgr. But I have noticed this is common trait among those of her nationality, Rudeness.

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When someone I consider a friend refused to listen to what I have to say and just completely ignores me.

People who are so outspoken and self righteous with no regards for other people's feelings.

When someone uses others just for their own benefit .

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Doing a peel show on someone's lawn,

Taking pictures of a person's bathroom while they are using it,

Eating the last of somebody's cereal..

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talking and talking and talking without pause for anyone else to have a go, or not leaving any openings like asking questions

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No respect for elders. Eg; opening doors, helping them, speaking without profanity, ect.

Hitting or slapping a woman!

Child abuse or neglect!

Sadly, we hear about these things every day on the news.

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Treating the waitress or bartender like a servant

Going over someone's house and using the last of the toilet paper.

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Toilet paper? lol..

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They are PEOPLE, whose job is to serve the guests at a restaurant. You don't own them. Just because they're bringing you stuff doesn't give you the right to treat them like they're beneath you.

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1. Hairy armpits

2. not offering me a bite of your candy bar.

3. Yawning in public

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Interrupting someone in the middle of a conversation (without saying excuse me); chewing with your mouth open; putting your elbows on the dinner table while you're eating.

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