If you believe that everyone is One, then you are responsible for the sins of others. Since the new agers must be one with the illuminati too, since they are ONE with everyone, so then they are part of the peadophelia crimes being committed by these people? Or any other crimes for that matter committed against humanity? They say they are ONE with everyone, so that must include being one with murderers or the baddest people out there, regardless of the illuminati.
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New Agers? Try Quantum Physicists! Try Quantum Holists! Try Monistic Idealism!

We are all on ONE Unified Field of Energy.... like a web of energy. All meaning galaxies, solar systems, all planets, the Sun, Earth, humanity, primates, plants, insects, etc. WE as in ALL are made up of the same STUFF - ENERGY! This Field connects all things, no separation, no empty space between physical forms which is just dense energy.

So if we are connected to criminals, that means we are criminals? We are also connected to galaxies, does that mean we are galaxies? Each person is still responsible for their own beliefs, intentions, choices and actions and the consequences. Human beings are here to learn and evolve.

Who are you really? Are you only your actions or are actions just what you do? I am Energy/ Spirit at my Core... Another name for this energy is Consciousness. I believe everyone else is the same. This is life. A criminal still is made up of Energy/Spirit and is still learning and evolving. I do not know what is being brought into completion when someone chooses to commit crime... or are a part of some suspected, negative group. This has something to do with their own personal circumstances.

This physical world of matter is a hologram being projected from the far side of the Universe (See "quantum mechanics.). It is an illusion. We incarnate in each life time to learn, evolve, and raise the energy frequency of our Consciousness... to learn to end suffering and become enlightened. This is my relative truth/reality. Each person has their own. Mine involves quantum mechanics.


The label "new Agers" and "The New Age" is such a complex group that should not be labeled under this umbrella, stereotype term.

Remember that you shouldn't accept stereotypes as truth because your opinion will be known as FALSE every time. Also, accepting stereotypes as a reality is indicative of one who has not thought things through very well or one who has not experienced too much of the world.

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I can understand that we all are "spirit" or consciousness, but then you have to remember that some species or creatures function on lower levels of consciousness which cannot be equated with pure consciousness or the Holy Spirit if you will... So many creatures and/or humans indulge in lower frequency levels, they DO NOT SEEK TO EVOLVE OR SPIRITUALLY GROW as you describe, they only wish to "grow" or indulge their worldly natures which in fact is not really "spiritual at all" but just plain mundane lower consciousness filth. I can agree that we are all energy... But we are all different types of energy... If we were all the SAME energy as you describe, then wouldn't we have had heaven on earth right now, where there would be no crime, violence etc. But because of these lower frequency levels of energy, we have a majority of filthy and bad consciousness roaming about - where the "new age" eden is simply a nonexistent joke... You have to ask yourself on what level or frequency of consciousness do some creatures choose to function. Are you one with lower frequncy filth, lower dimension thought processes? Then you are part of the world and not so special as you make yourself out to be!!! I find it fascinating that people are so desperate to believe that everything and everyone is One, it seems to me like some comforting mechanism.... If everyone is one, then if One tells lies then everyone can do it, if one believes absolute BS then another can do it as well, if one tells lies to sound important or smart then another can do it as well... Wow!!!! The whole concept of oneness brings about a notion of "no right or wrong" where if one acts like a criminal then there is nothing wrong with others acting the same.

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Everyone is special and everyone is equal. There is no filth. Everything is in process.... It does not good to call things filth. Evolution in the energy level corresponds with physical evolution. .................. You proclaim we are all different energy. In our present state, we have fluctuating energy with each experience. Low energy is like a math equation so is high energy. There is no judgment of worth in either state.................. Time and space are illusions and the human perspective is colored by that. Do you think our human perspective is absolute? It can't be. We are relative in the illusion..... In the process. Let's conceptually remove all illusion ... No physical matter, no time and space, so no subjectivity..... It is the past and the future state .... The whole, the completion. There is no high, low, up, down, sideways, left, right,... No dimensions. This is the Absolute State, the Absolute reality that does not change and is not affected by anything.... This is the State of the Universe that can be thought of as a parallel dimension to our own. This Absolute state (the Field where information resides) allows for our illusiary dimension to exist like a VR game for the Absolute state of Consciousness. The VR game is the illusion we find ourselves in, and a part of. Anything within is not in its true non-changing state.... Not even animals that you have decided are "low energy filth.". The illusion is the "existence" of high and low energy... Or fast and slow vibration of that energy. Within the illusion, it is necessary for learning to have these various levels. We can't forget that our perspective while in this "VR game" is serverly augmented. This is the state of perspective you are taking on when you judge things as being "filth.". This perspective is a lower energy state. A higher energy state would cause one to have a non-judgmental state.................................. We as creatures in this "VR-like" realm are ALL OF THE WORLD. If you weren't of this World, you would not exist. The lower the energy scale the more grounded to Earth an aspect is. As we become more and more into alignment with that Absolute reality that runs parallel to this one, our energy rises in frequency and vibration is increased. That Absolute reality can be thought of as "God" and "Heaven" and it is this Absolute reality that exists in the highest frequency and the fastest vibration. As we start to operate here in this illusiary world at a higher frequency and a faster vibration, we see the Absolute like a mirage in all things.... Operating at a higher frequency and faster vibration is what allows a shift of perspective from seeing all-things in the low/Earth grounded frequency of their illusiary/physical forms and full of judgment and low self-esteem ...... transitioning to a higher frequency which allows the perceiver to see ABSOLUTE UNITY........ ABSOLUTE ONE-NESS all around them............. This VR world can never be a "New Age Eden" or a Utopia for several reasons, this world would no longer be a place of learning and evolving; 2nd - the Energies in human form who have reached enlightenment will no longer have to be reincarnated, they enter this Nirvana which I have referenced as the Absolute Reality. Granted, some will choose to stay in the world as enlightened teachers, Buddhas, - but not all of them will. If the world was filled with Buddhas or Jesus Consciousnesses then this World would turn into the fabled, tongue-in-cheek Utopia (nowhere.)

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Side note: ********you claim some do not seek to evolve into a higher state. ~~~~~~~~~ I beg to differ. Some are NOT AWARE that they are evolving as they learn through experiences. Nothing in this relative, changing world can choose not to evolve and learn. If there purpose in this VR-like world was not to evolve and learn, then they would not exist here because they would have no purpose here.

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2nd Side Note:***************** Right and wrong are uninsightful judgments. Claiming something is right and another thing is wrong is like claiming that some things are meant to happen or be and other things are NOT meant to happen or be. All things that happen on the timeline is meant to happen and be. All things that seem to be happening and existing have already taken place. There are experiences where people face suffering... Is it wrong? Or is it a chance to evolve and learn? Understanding that this VR-like world is an illusion means that the suffering is changeable, conquerable, and a product of low energy which is the state that suffering threatens to cause in us. Knowing who you are, and knowing that the Absolute reality (unchangable; perfection of "God") is the state we return to eventually and that all who have passed away through tragic circumstances from the Illusion/physical world have not ceased to Be..... Energy that can only change form and travel will reincarnate or enter Nirvana (another name for the Absolute Reality/Heaven/"God"/Omniverse/Universe/Quantum Consciousness/the Source/All-that-is/the Unified Field/the Zero Point Field/the Quantum Field/Allah ((all the same thing described in many words)).

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You said: "This is the state of perspective you are taking on when you judge things as being "filth.". This perspective is a lower energy state. A higher energy state would cause one to have a non-judgmental state..." - well to that I say: I feel sorry for you, so you say the reptilians who abuse and sacrfice children ARE NOT FILTH, nor are they in any way WRONG in doing what they do?! Tell me if a child gets murdered what does s/he have left to learn in this world? Not everything happens for a reason, destiny is in your hands, as you choose what to do or what "reason" you give to your "experiences", not everyone is fortunate enough to learn from terrible "experiences", they die!!!! So in other words you believe there is no "other dimensions" and that "heaven" exists on earth in the here and now, that this is the absolute reality, even though you said that this is an "illusion" too, yet proclaim there is NO TIME AND SPACE in this reality so earth and heaven could not be separated, nor heaven from the illusion. Also you say there is no "other dimensions" so you do not believe in the demons propping this deluded information into your head. You also say there is NO RIGHT OR WRONG, so is killing a child by the illumanti as sacrifice to their "gods" NOT WRONG? If you were indeed functioning from a higher level of frequency you would have been able to clearly distinguish between right and wrong, but because you believe everything and everyone is ONE it gives you a green card to simply assume that everything wrong can be seen as right and vice versa. A true enlightened being never confuses right from wrong, lest s/he be selling his/her soul to the devil!!!!!

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I know lots of New Agers who believe this very thoroughly, although with variations of meaning.

It doesn't mean "my identity is one with all others".

It comes predominantly from the influences of Hindu and Vedantist Gurus of the '60's and '70's.

In this view in the origin of the world all is one undifferentiated pure consciousness.

It desires to experience itself and so creates separation. From the multiplication of separation, every being whether mineral, vegetable or animal, is conscious at some level, with consciousness evolving to higher levels through the human being. The human is thought to have five layers of consciousness:-

Manas = sensory, processing mind, discursive chattering mind automatically full of thoughts

Buddhi = knows, decides, judges, and discriminates

Chitta = storage of impressions, memory

Ahamkara = identity or the notion of "I am that", also the same as ego

Aham = pure awareness, when all the content of mind drops away, which happens spontaneously

and when least expected after many years of meditation practise

that which can attain the experience of oneness with universal consciousness

and which starts the process of shifting into acceptance and contentment.

Very few New Agers attain this, but it is happening in surprisingly large numbers (around 1 in a 100)

among the 50 plus year olds if they have been really dedicated all their lives.

There is a second meaning of "all-is-one" which many New Agers also accept...

That at the level of quantum physics, the only thing that exists is time-space and energy,

that in reality we are all one with this state of being,

even if we don't directly perceive it through sense adapted to function at the Newtonian scale of physics (this ordinary 3D world).

New Age, however, encompasses a huge plethora of almost every imaginable alternative or non-mainstream belief system, varying widely in degrees from mad and quite dysfunctional to profoundly sane and wise, from all facets of physical living, to how to approach emotional, moral, relationship and spiritual issues.

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I would like to refer you to my reply to omni's answer.

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everything is as it should be or otherwise it wouldnt be?

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I'm not a NEW AGER ~ But I do believe in the interconnectedness of everyone.

ROMANS 8 says WE ARE ALL ONE BODY (with different functions).

and... it is also true that we are all held accountable for the sins of others... our forefathers... FOR ALL HAVE SINNED... and we all need forgiveness... we all suffer the consequences of one another's wrongs as well..

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So yeah like jesus was responsible for all the people sins, and was sacrificed, as a "child" in the same way children were sacrificed to molech and still are today?! Seeking a scapegoat for the sins of others... If one is killed and sacrificed to the gods then that guarantees the safety and protection of hundreds of others... Typical witch hunters' mentality - seeking a scapegaot so the rest of the town will go unpunished. So tell me if you are responsible for the sins of your forefathers, will you be willing to die at the hands of a native american who holds colonists accountable for taking their land, that is if you are white?!!!!

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I am not a new ager by any means, but by definition "'all is one' universe". And, there is no Illuminati, that is just a fairytale used to make the world seem less corrupt.

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That's what they want you to believe. Fnord.

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