The pregnancy was an accident, but she was planning to keep it. She is 21weeks, fetus has serious abnormalities. Is there any way in which I can approach this? I am Agnostic and pro-choice, so we have very differing views and opinions... Not to mention I've never been in this situation before or known anyone in this situation. We're both young (I'm 19 - she's 20) Really any advice you can give will help. Thankyou! Friend has given birth today after 2 days of being induced. Haven't spoken to her yet but hope she's doing OK. Thanks for all of the replies.
DustMite DustMite 18-21, F 10 Answers Jul 26, 2012

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Support her decision no matter how hard it is for you to bear witness to.

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No biggie- it's a medical reason- not meant to be.

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Tell her she must keep it. Now we should all know life starts at conception.

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