My lower back (and just recently, my whole back) has been killing me. Right after I dance, my lower back hurts, then eventually my whole back is in pain. My back feels tight and as if there's needles in it, slowly going in deeper, causing my whole back to ache. Any tips?
LovelyDayHuh LovelyDayHuh 13-15, T 6 Answers Jun 25, 2012

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Hmmm... have you injured your back dancing? Do you maintain a strong core & good posture? Very important. Also, people who sit at a desk all day often have a weak core as we are not naturally designed to be seated all day. We should be moving around! See a GP & he may refer you to a physio if required. It could be muscular or skeletal. Good luck.

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Ps: make sure you have a good, supportive mattress & sleep on back or side, not front.

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Try sleeping on your front for a bit with the feet on the edge.

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