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sometimes we are so much deep into relationships..we forget ourselves...we raise our expectations to a point..of breaking our relationships.. our expectations.. our needs our wants overpower us... at such turning points.. when you reach your threshold.. i take a break from everythin,..and go on a journey of looking for myself.. where i am an independent bird... taking care of myself.. and i look , demand, xpect nothing... what do u do in such situation?... do you become a hermit.. or go on crying for what u want!..
Evangeline1985 Evangeline1985 26-30 2 Answers Dec 25, 2012 in Community

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I have decided that WILL NOT LET MY HUSBAND RUIN MY LIFE . I just do what Ican without him. Lazy bugger's asleep in bed now !! 2.30pm local time here Happy Christmas all xxx

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