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I could bore you with a list of reasons I think Obama has done a poor job and doesn't deserve to be re-elected. I could also bore you with a list of reasons that I think Romney would make an awful president. That isn't the point of this post. I hope everyone eligible votes, and I hope that before they do, they research all the candidates and all of the issues and make an informed choice. If you do, you will probably find yourself looking at the Republicans and Democrats and trying to make a choice between bad and worse. There are other choices. There are several third party choices available for most offices. Make sure to look them over too. Is voting third party a waste of your vote? Absolutely not! Voting for a candidate you know is bad is a waste of your vote whether he wins or loses. Until people start looking at all the choices available and voting for the one that best matches their personal philosophy the madness will not end.
CAJohn CAJohn 51-55, M Aug 20, 2012 in Community

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