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The News is a neat projection of the official establishment world view...

And as such it is a weapon of propaganda.

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Last night we saw a very bright light in the sky to the east, right about tree top level. The light was so bright it made shadows. It was so bright we couldn't just stare but had to look away or move so a tree blocked some of the light. We stood there watching it for more than 5 minutes. It did not move. Then it faded out.

Obviously it must be space aliens. The Venusians, or perhaps invaders from Vega 6. What other logical conclusion could anyone suggest. Space aliens is the usual answer. When you see a light in the sky, that is the most obvious answer.

Some fool might suggest that it was an airplane with landing lights on. How stupid is that. None of the better known UFOlogists would buy that crap. Sheeesh!

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sad for you.. you've got no proof!!

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