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Isnt there some sort of pain medication that i can give her that is natural instead of getting her whole female reproductive system taken iout!?
passionkillsnpassionfills passionkillsnpassionfills 18-21, F 3 Answers Apr 19, 2014 in Dating & Relationships

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Sure. Go ahead. Let her have her heat every month or so, but never let her have kittens; or were you planning to breed her? The fact is, if you aren't going to let her breed, you are just making her suffer for no reason. She won't have a lot of pain with the hysterectomy, and what little pain she has, won't be remembered after a couple of days. , but if you leave her intact and never let her have sex, you are tormenting her for your own (whatever) reasons. <br />
And what does being a vegan have to do with having a cat spayed or not spayed?

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Have you ever experienced a cat in heat, it's awful. There are birth control products, but they carry risks. The only natural thing is to either deal with it, or you can penetrate the cat in the vajayjay, making her think she was bred, and stop the hat cycle ( which is disgusting, but some breeders may do that)

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