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Alright you are in a bedroom with one door and two windows with a closet you have one zombie in the closet 5 at the door 9 at the right window and 10 at the left you have a choice of a short sword a handgun with 9 bullets or a molotov and a bat beware the molotov can have consequences like burning the same room your in details of room below The room is quite large 4 walls the door is on the north wall one window is on the west wall and the other window is on the south wall BEWARE most contents in room are flammable also the glass of the window is strong but wont last long with 9-10 zombies trying to bust through it also the door is durable but is hollow meaning it wont last long with the amount of zombies trying to break through it now tell me what you will do...
EastCoastKush EastCoastKush 13-15, M 2 Answers Dec 24, 2012 in Community

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Use the short sword to behead the closet zombie and grab the bug out bag everyone should have packed. Shoot 3 zombies at the door, manually dispatch the other 2 and rush the door and gtfo. The ones at the Windows are irrelevant, zombies aren't that fast. Try to only engage the ones you have to, and keep your last 6 bullets for an emergency since noise attracts them. The molotov is useless, except to start a campfire lol, and the bat, can be useful in a few situations, but the sword will require the least amount of effort to kill the brain.

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