Oh no, it's really gone... It went with the last PC about 3 weeks ago... I've just spent the last 2 days redoing what I've already done before... still another day to do.... I'm slowly dieing within.
memoo64 memoo64 46-50, F 6 Answers Mar 9, 2012

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But are you backing it up regulalry

All these fancy qutomatic backup systems are OK - IF they work

I always take a manual backup copy of important work - just in case

............and that has saved me a couple of times

Backup and copy to a memory stick or external drive / CD etc - it only takes a second but it is lovely to have it when it all goes wrong

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Ugh I no the feeling I cant tell u how many times my computer died on me while I was uploading my projects for skool. I cried several times

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Oh damn. I lost my masters work. Everything. I sat in foetal position for about an hour. Next day I got up, and started again. It wasn't as hard as i thought it would be.

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So sorry to hear that.

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this is why you have save every 5 minutes. sorry, you lost your assigment

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