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I have 2 close friends, one only like to talk about my flaws and shut -up with my success. She ALWAYS IMITATE ME, the way I dress or if I bought a dress or cellphone she will ask where I bought it and she wanted ,will really buy the EXACT thing I bought. WHY is she like this? Then the other friend, takes my identity by telling the public that she is like this or like that, when she is actually not like that. It was I. And her words are accurately what I told her. She is taking my identity, and the other imitates me, WHY? I wanted to be different from them, but they keep on imitating me even when I changed my name in my facebook profile. WHYYYYYYYYYYY!? AND WHAT SHOULD I DO IF I WEREYOU? HELP
raraluna77 raraluna77 31-35, F 2 Answers Jun 14, 2014 in Dating & Relationships

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Ah, that's jealousy for you and it's also very flattering. Easy solution. Tell her that you bought whatever you bought in another shop. And make it impossible for her to copy you. Buy accessories in junk shops, make them yourself or buy them in supermarkets/accessory shops and add your own touch. (Depending on what you wear, a metallic rose, a handknitted scarf with just one unusual thread knitted into it, jewellery from your granny, dye your T-shirts and mix the colours, sew different buttons on your tops, change the shoelaces, etc.)

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It's the biggest compliment of all if someone tries to copy you. Frustrating though.

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