I live in Norway :) 1. Great health care system 2. High income 3. Good and free education 4. The nature 5. Not too hard to get a job :p
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Barcelona (Spain):

- great weather and beaches

- food (paella and sangria for starters)

- good looking people

- art and architecture (I live in a beautiful building from 1906)

- liberal and libertine atmosphere

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6 - best football team in the world

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winning means fireworks, great noise and in my building almost like an earthquake. its intense.

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1. It's not the UK

2. A socialist government

3. Recognises and supports the State of Palestine

4. Climate

5. Food

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1) Is on the coast and has beautiful beaches, hills and scenic views.

2) Beautiful architechture; classic Victorian and Edwardian structures

3) Renown for its museums, bridges, cable cars and Fisherman's Wharf

4) Calm weather year-round. Rarely too hot or too cold.

5) Largely socially liberal, progressive population, "live and let live" attitude.

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i could give you five reasons why it sucks to live where i live :(

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Delaware: -NO SALES TAX

-Almost no extreme weather (hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, ect.)

-1st State

-Medical Marijauana


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We have weather of all kinds, all the time, any time of the year

The beauty of nature is easy to see here

It's quiet

The stars are visible every night

Everyone knows how to drive

Best Answer idk, i'm not into sports

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It isn't. It's actually been called on of the most racist cities by some. Still, if you are middle classed and live outside the city limits...the cost of living is much lower than other places. So.....I guess it's great if you are in a certain part of the population. That's probably true of most cities in the US.

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What city? :)

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I never tell people on the internet where I live. It's not a big deal...most cities are like that in many of the neighborhoods..they are entirely segregated. People just pretend it's a thing of the past.

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Oh ok, I respect that :)

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