I have felt compelled to share this experience in the hopes that someone on this forum can help me to understand what this experience was about. Awhile ago, I was sitting in my computer room at about 3am playing with my pet sugarglider, and surfing the web. I was sitting by a window and it was summer time. all of a sudden a swift wind came through the window and was swirling around my feet. it was slightly colder than the air inside of my house. I remember being slightly frightened and got up, turned computer off, and went to bed. - right before going to sleep something came into the room. The presence was undeniable... whatever it was tried to lay on top of me. not in the sense that it was after me, but it was scared and was coming to me for something.. I repeat IT was scared and was trying to lay on me. this is what I felt... I began praying asking the lord to remove this from my home immediately, in my prayers I said Lord, I am not afraid, send this back from where it came, etc.. All of a sudden, whatever it was let out a loud scream! eerie, something I had never heard before.. I woke my husband up immediately and asked him if he had heard the scream. He said no. I was and still am confused and have only told several people of this experience. I was hoping someone could help me understand this experience so that I can put it in some prospective.
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My opinion, if the spirit is scared, maybe it's a child? Maybe it tried to hug you? If it screamed when you tried to make it leave, either another spirit scared it off for you, it was frustrated or angry, or it was scared what will happen if it can't be near you?

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generally speaking - when a creature comes to you for help - you don't tell it to go away, especially when it seems young and scared.

you might consider saying sorry - if you 'yell' it in your mind it might hear - since it seemed to hear your prayer - though it might have felt your intent - or been 'nudged' by your deity. . .

it asked for comfort and you turned it away - can you really blame it for yelling 'no!' ?

if you heard the noise and your partner did not - it would seem it was speaking directly to you. . . not just yelling no in general - or speaking to Jehovah.

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wow! very possible. if it happens again, try to talk to the presence. your prayer may have sent it off.

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You did a very wise thing to pray and remain calm (or as calm as you could be). Whatever it was, it clearly meant you no harm.

From the time I was very little, I have "seen spirits." They include my Great Grandfather, a beloved Uncle, my Father-In-Law and countless unknowns. My maternal Aunt sees spirits too.It has run in our family for generations and is simply accepted. In many cultures, this "seeing" is not an abnormal thing. It's not something to worry over. As a very wise Pomo Elder once told me, " It's not the dead that you have to worry about."

Over the years I've heard many reasons for "hauntings."

Some claim that a building or a place (such as a battle field) can "remember" a tramatic (emotion filled) event and play it back over and over again. For example: Two hazy fingures in a kitchen of an older home appearing to place things on a table that is no longer there.

Some claim that our ancestors continue to love us and lookafter us even after death. They come to say good bye, visit us in dreams to help as deal with problems and learn important lessons, and may aleart us to events (both happy things and times of danger). I often see elderly family members is VIVID dreams and then, some time during the next day, learn they have past. I also have long conversations with Elders in my dreams.

Some claim that there are distressed spirits who are "lost." Either they do not know they are died, died violently and wish to have their killer found, or died needing to give important information to a friend or family member. Some Clairvoyants and empaths are visited by such spirits.

As to the scream, there are a very old Irish tales of Banshee or wailing woman who sing, scream or cry in the night. While some stories cast the Banshee as an omen of death, she is also seen simply as a messenger from the other world.

You may never get a full answer. However, you are lucky to have had an experience many others never will. I suggest more praying.

One final thought, many people have visions or "see" during times of fasting, prayer, and sleep deprivation. It does sound as if you were a be tired. Many pelple falling into REM report the inablity to move and feel a heaviness in or upon their body. I'm NOT saying that REM was your spirit. I am just mentioning one more facet of this very large puzzle.

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I don't know much about ghosts/spirits but I do know that when I sleep, I seem to be able to communicate with spirits between 3-4am. Usually it is between that time frame when my dreams end and if its like I will just hear from someone I know who has crossed over (died) or even if someone here "earth bound" higher self wants to communicate w/me.

You may want to give ablemu65 a shout. He writes the paranormal report and gathers stories like yours for a forum discussion. I am sure someone in that group will perhaps be able to shed some light on what that spirit wanted.

Good Luck

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you could have been. but since what you described could also be a epilectic episode it'd be a good idea to talk to your doc to put your mind at ease.

just remember that we share the earth with ALL of it's inhabitants and they are NOT out to hurt you any more than you mean to hurt them. good luck.

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Sounds like you had too much computer that night!

A Great imagination for 3a.m though!

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I often experience a "sensation"of something getting on to the bed with me.It can feel human or animal and actually can feel its weight on the bed.Other time it is shaking or pushing down on either side of my pillow. Sometimes this feels very threatening and scary , I try to speak but can't.Last night I felt like I wss holding my mothers hand (I just knew iy was her) then other hands appeared more aggressively and I was scared.This only happens when my husband is not in bed with me.I really wish I had answers to this very odd occurance.

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